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Leadership Statement

Gong Jianzhong

Enhance customers’ Value
Implement Corporate Development Strategy

As the main investment platform of the direct investment business of BOC, BOC Investment has implemented its corporate development strategy with full efforts while continuously improving its operation management and mechanism. Besides, it has also proactively expanded its business channels, introduced innovative investment products and increased customers' value.
Gong Jianzhong

We performed management and operation according to market practice and disposed of our investments in due course. By this way, the structure of our assets portfolio has become more proper with a higher level of liquidity and greater flexibility for cash realization.
We have always been a pioneer in innovative thoughts and continuously made effective
innovations in the areas of products, modes, management and technology. With those aggressive initiatives in place, we have endeavoured to extend and expand the value chain, enhance our competitive edge and maintain a sustainable and stable growth.
To adapt ourselves to fierce market competition and attain the goal of long-term development at a higher level, we have strengthened the establishment of internal systems and mechanisms and initiated the integration of organizational structure and corporate operational process. Besides, we have also engaged internationally renowned intermediaries to provide consultancy service, so that we can learn from the experience and practices of other leading peers in the market and conduct a series of reforms and improvements in the areas of financial management, risk management, human resources mechanisms and IT system, etc. As a result, we can further improve our operation and decision-making efficiency and enhance our core competitive edge.
We have committed to the creation of a harmonious working environment and proactively nurtured a" people-oriented" corporate culture. We also encourage communications among our colleagues of different backgrounds and levels within the Company. Besides, we have dedicated to forging a teamwork spirit, increasing their sense of belonging as well as motivating their potential and
work passion.
We have strengthened staff training to improve the overall quality of our staff. For this purpose, we have organized various staff training activities such as going abroad for learning, inviting outside professionals to train our staff, learning from the market and our peers, and case study, etc. By doing this, we aim to continuously improve our staff’s ability in recognizing the macroeconomic situation in a scientific way, discharging their duties while bearing the Company’s interests in mind and grasping opportunities that may emerge in the market.
Looking forward to the future, we will join hands with domestic and overseas customers to continue our commitment to creating long-term value for our shareholders and customers and to make BOC Investment a professional investment management company with sustainable competitiveness and leading market position.
Yours faithfully,

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Gong Jianzhong