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Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors have Rich experiences and capabilities
They are responsible for formulating overall Development strategies and the approval of critical matters

The Board is crucial to the operation of corporate governance. BOCG Investment establishes a management structure and an operation system with the Board as the core to manage, support and supervise the management effectively on behalf of the shareholder.

The Board directors come from different departments of the Head Office and the management of the Company. They possess the required qualities, knowledge, experiences and capabilities, and familiarize with the operation of BOCG Investment. Their daily works are closely related to the operation and management of BOCG Investment.

Our Board formulates overall development strategies, medium and long term development plans, and provides business operating guidance and policy directions to our management, and is responsible for the approval of critical matters.
Our Board holds meetings at least twice a year. Such meetings are convened and chaired by the Chairman. Extraordinary board meetings may be convened by the Chairman when he deems necessary, or proposed jointly by more than one half of the directors, or proposed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.
Our Board consists of three committees including the Risk Management Committee, the Personnel and Remuneration Committee and the Audit Committee. Each committee is run by the relevant directors to provide professional support for the decision making of the Board.

Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Committee is authorized by the Board to review risk management and control at the corporate level, investment and assets disposal policies, approaches and objectives and ensure their compliance and implementation; assist the Board to establish the scope of authority for the management to approve business transactions, and review and approve the related matters within the mandate.

Personnel and Remuneration Committee

The Personnel and Remuneration Committee is authorized by the Board to review the company’s remuneration policies and oversee its implementation, review the performance appraisal scheme and bonus allocation scheme for the company and CEO and the remuneration of CEO, evaluate the performance and accountability of the company and CEO.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is authorized by the Board to monitor the financial reporting, financial reporting procedures, accounting policies, financial control, internal audit, financial statements auditing, selection of external auditor and other matters required by the rules of procedures of the Audit Committee.

Board of Directors

Name Post (BOCGI) Post (Bank of China)
龚建中 董事长,执行董事,执行总裁  
刘坚东 非执行董事 总行风险总监
李常林 非执行董事 总行信用审批部总经理
邓智英 非执行董事  
刘艳 非执行董事 总行审计部副总经理
周冰 非执行董事 总行公司金融部副总经理
刘卫军 非执行董事 总行财务管理部副总经理
金彦 非执行董事 总行风险管理部副总经理
魏晗光 非执行董事 总行人力资源部副总经理