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Building a Shared Tomorrow

Anchored in the Asia Pacific Region as the key investment zone, BOC Investment strives to set up an extensive network, cooperate with all circles of the society in good faith, encourage communication and liaison as well as promote progress and development of the region. We also reward the public by creating a harmonious society and making contributions to the economic and social development of the invested regions.

Forging Friendship

Over the years, we regard customers and network as the most important resources. Through open, honest and modest exchange of experiences, operational concepts and business needs, we develop and cement friendship with different sectors of the society, so that we can realize the shared goal of promoting social stability and prosperity during daily operations and external communication.
During the year, we kept frequent contacts with the regulatory bodies, governmental and state-owned asset management departments, relevant associations and organizations in both the mainland and Hong Kong, exchanged ideas and views with them and sought their support and coordination. As a result, we have a deeper understanding of the macro-economic policies, and a better grasp of capturing opportunities and the ways in looking for development.
Rooted in Hong Kong, BOC Investment takes pulse of the international financial market and is thus familiar with the operation of the Hong Kong capital market. We maintain close relationship with international investment banks and professional institutions like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, UBS, CICC, BOC International and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, international famous accountant firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte, and also globally well-known institutions including Booz Allen, Mercer and Roland Berger. During the year, we worked together with companies like UBS and Goldman Sachs in various areas, making joint investment and sharing successful experiences and practices.
Customers are the source of our development and advancement. Over a long period of time, we have kept extensive contact with renowned enterprises from the industrial and commercial sectors of Hong Kong and Macau, including Cheung Kong, Hutchison Group, Hopewell Holdings, Kerry Group, Sun Hung Kai Properties, Sino Land, MTR Corporation and China Merchants Holdings (International). We joined hands to invest in big projects and achieved a win-win result with them. During the year, we continued to explore new areas and establish new relationships while strengthening cooperation with the existing customers, so that our network could continuously expand. In the course of serving customers and creating shared value, we are deeply impressed and benefited by the support and loyalty of our customers.

Framing the Future

Looking forward to the future, we are still prudently optimistic about the economic development of the world and the region. With passion, innovation and determination, we will seize the upcoming opportunities, join hands with different sectors of the society, and provide quality investment banking services for both local and overseas customers, in order to become a growth company with considerable assets, proper investment portfolio, fairly strong profitability and steady investment returns.

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