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Social Responsibilities

Perform corporate social responsibilities
Create a harmonious society

As a professional company registered in Hong Kong which makes investment and operates in Asia, we perform corporate civic duties to a high standard. We understand that actively exercising social responsibilities can bring about a win-win situation. We believe that a pleasant living environment, harmonious society and well-performed corporate social responsibilities are all important factors which attract investors and professionals from all over the world to Hong Kong to develop their businesses. Over the years, we have carried out our social responsibilities in different aspects enthusiastically. We make donations and perform volunteer services every year to support various institutions and accommodate different needs of the community.

BOC Investment has been an active supporter and participant of all kinds of charity activities. It promotes harmonious development of the commercial sector and shares the fruits of economic development with the society. Besides joining fund-raising activities like the Walks for Millions of Hong Kong, we helped underprivileged groups and supported special education in China by making donations to the Chongqing Blind School (重慶市盲人學校).

We have won the award of "Caring Company" of Hong Kong for many years. This fully reflects our support to the public, and shows our recognition for and participation in doing charity deeds. This also demonstrates the achievements and position of our Company in this respect.
Meanwhile, with our own advantages and the special skills of our staff, we organized our own volunteer team to give a hand to those who are in need. During the year, we provided volunteer services to the society by visiting elderly homes and kindergartens under the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.